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Meditrac Security Groups

The heart of Meditrac is made up of users and security groups, so it is very important that these are setup correctly. There are mandatory and optional groups, broken into several categories:

Status Groups

Security groups must be setup for each step in the credentialing process, or some steps will not be manageable inside Meditrac. The following is a common set of status groups:

  • Credentialed Previous Year
  • Administrative Review
  • Review by Department Head
  • Review by Medical Advisory Committee
  • Review by Board of Directors
  • Credentialed Current Year
  • No Longer Employed

The purpose of these groups is to flag each staff member as they proceed through credentialing. Using security groups in this manner also allows for targeted notification emails and displaying lists of staff.

Departmental Groups

Security groups are required for each department in the organization, but additional ones can be created to account for different locations, divisions within larger departments, etc. Similarly, other groups can be created and added to the system as "departmental groups" whenever a supervisor is required... for example, a "Department Heads" group could be created with all of the department heads, and a higher level "Reviewer of Department Heads" group would be able to review them similar to the way department heads review staff within their departments.

The following is an example sub-set of departmental groups:

  • Emergency Department Staff
  • Emergency Department Head
  • Pathology Department Staff
  • Pathology Department Head
  • Radiology Department - Main Campus Staff
  • Radiology Department - Main Campus Head
  • Radiology Department - West Campus Staff
  • Radiology Department - West Campus Head

The purpose of these groups is to associate staff to departments and supervisors.