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Use these settings to assign which Form is for what purpose, which Group is for what purpose, and the links between these Forms and Groups.

  • Forms are the tool to obtain responses from staff, such as the doctors you manage or new applicants. It is their only way of answering questions or uploading necessary files to the Meditrac system so admins can do their job. Forms are inserted into any webpage after being created using the Form Builder module: SiteApex > Modules > Form Builder. More information
  • Groups (we call 'Security Groups' because they are assigned privileges within the system) are made up of individuals who are often part of the same department or have a similar function. More information
    • Admins determine meaning of Group, title, and members.
    • A Group can number one or more members.
    • Groups are given Meditrac privileges within the system and not individual members. A member must belong to a Group to gain privileges. 
    • Status and department/division groups are required for the system to operate correctly.


Credentialing - linking which Form will be used for each purpose listed


Performance Reviews - linking which Form will be used for this purpose along with the option of enabling or disabling reviews


Staff Groups - Since Admins have the ability to create their own Group titles, Meditrac needs to know which of these Groups serve the same purpose setup in Meditrac. In some cases, multiple Groups can be assigned to a specific purpose.


Credentialing Status Groups - assigning which Group has current responsibility for each step of the credentialing.

New Applicants & References - linking both Forms and Groups that will  be used for each purpose. In some cases, multiple Forms can be assigned to a specific purpose. When complete, click Save Settings.